About Dave Kelly

Dave Kelly is an International Entertainment Guru, specializing in maximizing audience appeal, and is one of the highest paid business and marketing consultants in the Entertainment Industry. He is also an award-winning songwriter, recording artist and producer.
Dave began his musical career in England by winning a recording contract with Apple Records, the label owned by The Beatles. After the Beatles broke up, Dave and his band were signed to Warner Brothers Records, touring as the opening act for numerous British bands such as: Electric Light Orchestra, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Yes and many others.
He later moved to Los Angeles where he worked as Studio Consultant for Stevie Wonder during his Grammy-winning album “Songs in the Key of Life.” 
As Senior Audio Technician he was responsible for assembling one of the largest sound systems ever created and used for the audience of 350,000 attending Cal Jam II, featuring Aerosmith, Foreigner, Santana, and Heart. 
He was also part of the Technical Team for Pink Floyd in preparing for “The Wall” Tour. 
Bob Dylan recruited Dave to work closely with him as his Personal Advisor and spokesperson during the “Slow Train Coming” Tour.
Dave has been featured and quoted extensively in books about The Beatles (“A Is for Apple”) and Bob Dylan (“Behind the Shades: Take Two", "Bob Dylan, A Spiritual Life" and “The Political World of Bob Dylan”.)
He has worked as an independent marketing and management consultant for major record companies, including CBS/Sony, Polygram, Virgin, Universal, Warner Brothers, and EMI.
Over the years, Dave has owned and managed a wide-range of music-related business: International Music Distribution companies, Record companies, Music Publishing companies, Talent Management companies, Talent Booking agencies, Video Production companies, Recording Studios, and Music Radio Stations.
As a mentor, Dave has taught numerous Seminars and University classes in songwriting, live performance and the business of music. 
Dave has also worked extensively in both the Film and Television Industries around the world. He discovered and developed the careers of many rising stars, managing their National and International media campaigns, and has produced television pilots for ABC-TV, MTV, BBC and Nippon TV in Japan.
He is a Senior Advisor to Academy Award Winning Hollywood Producers and Talent Agencies, Angel Investor Groups, and International Hedge Funds. 
Dave is the author of a series of books, including “Secret of Chords,” “Secret of Melody,” and “Secret of Rhythm.” He is also the author of the upcoming book “Become the Star You Are.